We Employ the EZ Valve System
for Valve Installations

Guyer Brothers in New Enterprise, PA, Makes the Process Quick and Simple

Valve installations on your water lines and sewer lines can be very cumbersome. They are extremely time-consuming, and they can be expensive. However, Guyer Brothers in New Enterprise, PA, offers a better, easier, quicker, and cheaper alternative for valve installations through our use of the EZ Valve System.

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What is the EZ Valve System?

The EZ Valve System makes it very simple for our team to install a new valve on your water lines and sewer lines where one did not exist before or where a valve is no longer operational. The EZ Valve System installs around the existing main, where it mills a small 1.625-inch slot 120 degrees across the top of the main. This ensures the integrity of the pipe and provides rigid support for the valve gate.
All valves meet AWWA C509 standards, so you can be sure that the EZ Valve System is very reliable.

Quick, Easy, and Inexpensive Valve Installations

In the past, valve installations were an all-day, problematic process. The EZ Valve System, however, makes it quick, easy, and inexpensive. When Guyer Brothers utilizes the EZ Valve System for your water lines or sewer lines, there is no tapping machine required, no coupon to drop, and no heavy equipment to transport or move around the job site. There is only a two-inch valve that only weighs five pounds.

The EZ Valve System is, by far, cheaper than any other insertion valve, and we can install it in less than an hour. It is simply the fastest, most economical, easiest-to-operate, and most reliable permanent valve insertion system available.
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At Guyer Brothers, We Handle Water Lines, Sewer Lines, and More

Guyer Brothers is your excavation contractor. We can expertly handle all of your jack and bore drilling, directional drilling, tunneling, and water line and sewer line installation, replacement, and repair needs.
As well as using the EZ Valve System, Guyer Brothers also offers Thermoform PVC Liners as a superior alternative to open trench repairs on sewer lines. We have served Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia since 1999, and with our outstanding experience and work ethic, combined with our state-of-the-art equipment, we will give you the results you want. Choose Guyer Brothers as your excavation contractor. Call us today at (814) 766-3774.