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When your sewer pipes start to age, they also start to deteriorate. This can be much more than a slight headache; it can become an extremely nasty issue. However, completely replacing these decaying pipes can be expensive, time-consuming, and complicated. Guyer Brothers in New Enterprise, PA, offers a sturdy, dependable, inexpensive, and trenchless way to repair your old pipes through Thermoform PVC Liners.
No matter where you are in Pennsylvania, Maryland or West Virginia, Thermoform PVC Liners are the answer for your sewer lines! Call Guyer Brothers today at (814) 766-3774, and discover what we can do for you or your business.

An Alternative to Open Trench Replacement and Repair

At Guyer Brothers, we proudly offer Thermoform PVC Liners as an alternative option to open trench sewer line replacement and repair. It is an outstanding product — definitely a superior choice to other products on the market. We earned accreditation to apply Thermoform PVC Liners, and an auditing process ensures our consistency, quality, and accuracy with the product’s use. We also offer Thermoform PVC Liners to our customers because it helps us stay greener. Thermoform only uses steam and air pressure to form, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals in the process. We also expertly handle all of your sewer jetting and sewer camera work needs.

What are Thermoform PVC Liners?

Thermoform PVC Liners are a custom PVC compound specifically developed for use in sewer and storm sewer rehabilitation. It was formerly called Dyna Liner. Manufactured in the same manner as PVC pipe, it, however, is folded into either a “C” or a “H” shape while it is still hot. Wrapped onto a coil, your specific order determines its length. Sizes range from four inches to 26 inches, with a standard wall thickness equal to Schedule 40 PVC pipe. Heavier wall thicknesses are available, manufactured according to the customer’s request.
The PVC-alloy used to produce Thermoform PVC Liners contains a unique patented compound that provides an extremely flexible, ductile material that can expand and tightly fit to the host pipe, contouring to any changes in shape or dimension. We install Thermoform PVC Liners by using steam to heat the pipe, making it flexible. We then pull it through the host pipe. Once it sits in the host pipe, we heat it up again with steam. We then use air pressure to inflate the liner to fit the host pipe. Thermoform is structurally sound and provides a tight fit, preventing the infiltration of tree roots.

Examples of Thermoform PVC Liners

Portage/Little Conemaugh Stream Rehab
Lined 700 feet of 18-inch RCP Sewer Line
Contact: Kyle Fritz with EADS Group, (724) 989-6681

Hollidaysburg School Sewer Rehab
Lined 700 feet of 10-inch and 200 feet of 8-inch Sewer Line
Contact: Aaron Kearn with EADS Group, (814) 944-5035

Smithfield Township South Crooked Creek Sewer Rehab
Lined 2,600 feet of 8-inch Sewer Line
Contact: Jason Fralic with Herbert, Rowland & Grubic, (814) 238-7117

Guyer Brothers Handles It All!

Guyer Brothers is your excavating contractor. Our expert team handles it all, including jack and bore drilling, directional drilling, tunneling, and water line and sewer line installation. We also use EZ Valves in our work, and we employ well-maintained, modern equipment to perform each project, to be as effective and efficient as we can to give you with the value you deserve.

We have been in business since 1999, and since then, we have catalogued countless satisfied clients, both residential and commercial, and we want to add your name to that list.
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